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About Me

I am a seasoned Grip in the dynamic world of film and production. My role as a Grip is to take on the responsibility of building camera supports and executing moving shots, especially when the scene demands mobility and precision.

Preparedness for Every Challenge

In this profession, adaptability is key. Whether it’s setting up a camera on a tripod or orchestrating a complex crane shot, I am always ready to tackle any situation. Drawing from years of experience, I combine my knowledge with practical expertise to ensure that the shot is not just captured but captured flawlessly.

Teamwork and Adaptation

A successful shoot hinges on collaboration. We work as a team, adapting swiftly to changing circumstances while ensuring the safety of the crew and the project’s budget. Efficiency is our mantra.

Years of Expertise

With over 24 years in the industry, I’ve traversed a broad spectrum of productions. Each project has been a learning curve in an ever-evolving technical landscape.

A Camera Assistant’s Insight

Having previously worked as a Camera Assistant & Events Operator, I bring an in-depth understanding of the camera and its operations. This knowledge makes me a dedicated member of the camera team, contributing to the seamless execution of shots. Also having achieved the Tiffen Gold Steadicam course, I have a strong understanding of this skill.

My Specialties

• Problem Solving: I thrive in solving complex challenges that arise on set.

• Good Leadership: As a Grip, I lead and guide the crew effectively to achieve the desired results.

• Artistic Skills: I appreciate the creative aspect of filmmaking and bring an artistic touch to every shot.

• Free Wheel Dollying: I excel in creating smooth, dynamic camera movements.

• Fast Thinking and Decision Making: Quick, informed decisions are a must in this fast-paced environment.

• Team Work: I cherish the power of collaboration, understanding that it takes a team to make a production shine.

• High Standards of Health and Safety: Safety is paramount, and I ensure that all measures are taken to protect everyone on set.

In the ever-changing landscape of the film and production industry, my commitment to excellence and my love for what I do have remained unwavering. Let me help on this exciting journey to bring stories to life through the lens.




Grip Level 2 Certified

Cine Tech Falcon 2 Dolly Maintenance Graded

7.5 Tonne Clean Vehicle Licence